Book Launch!

Hi friends,

This is the month of planning………..there are honest-to-goodness books sitting in my closet waiting for the event.

And I’m honest-to-goodness just a little frightened. You see, so much of that book was written without knowing it would certainly be turned into a book.

20170802_1031221 Book Cover

I’m flipping the pages, and freaking out just a little. It’s vulnerable. It’s real. But I’m convinced the world doesn’t need another poetic author as much as we all need to pull together, rally around, and live life with each other and for each other. Women of Purpose is written with a purpose just to be real about my own humanity, then rejoice in the realness of Christ.

Because He’s absolutely, flat-out GOOD. And He has good things to say to my heart, things I write down and know they are meant for more than just myself. 

amazon author page

That marriage book never would have happened had not God reached down from the sky and guided someone’s fingers to type me a request to write it. I’m so far from perfect I had vowed not to write it. But God gave me a nod (and perhaps a wink), so I gave in.

Go figure, I’m seriously thrilled over this book. Did you know we ladies can have a voice and use it well? 



Here they both are. Check them out and share them with your friends! I’m grateful to every inch of heaven for the push to turn my finite person into a channel for truth.

Love to each girl this side of eternity,

Sara Daigle

Feeding the Body and Soul

 “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

-Virginia Woolf


As I sit here typing and drinking a delicious green smoothie, I want
you to feel a portion of my passion for healthy, yet beautiful,

What we put into our bodies truly transforms us, becoming the building
blocks for each and every cell.  The photo above is Garlic Butter Beef
Tips over green beans, Creamy Mushroom Soup, and a Peppermint Collagen
Tea.  So very delicious and decadent!  But nutrient dense too!  These
are the types of meals that I nourish my body with each and every day.

Six years ago I found myself a very out-of-shape 210 lbs and
fighting stage 3c aggressive breast cancer.  Throughout the last 6
years I have been so thankful to experience greater health than I have
since high school through beautiful food and exercise.  As a bonus I
am the smallest I’ve been in 20 years, too!

One easy way to boost our health is through hydration, clean water and
yummy, nutrient rich drinks like this dairy-free, yet creamy Rooibos
Collagen Tea.  I sweeten all my drinks with organic, pure stevia to
keep blood sugar levels stable.  Balanced blood sugar is one of the
key aspects to keeping inflammation low in the body and keeping energy
high.  So drink, keep hydrated, and enjoy!  As a side benefit, being well hydrated helps the skin stay youthful too, something we all want!


As we all know, eating loads of veggies is one of the best
things we can do for our health.  There are so very many wonderful
recipes out there, so explore and enjoy trying new things!  Try to
vary the colors and type of veggies as much as you can.  God made each
piece of produce to have different kinds and amount of vitamins,
minerals, and properties to bless our bodies.

So eat the RAINBOW!

Every single cell in your body will thank you and flourish with those
veggie nutrients.  I eat low carb or keto almost exclusively, so I
choose salads and side dishes that fit my preferred way of eating.
But choose what works for you.

Here is a scrumptious cauliflower salad I threw together the other day:


I tossed some raw, chopped cauliflower into a bowl and added sliced red onion, chopped chicken, kalamata olives, a small amount of shredded raw cheddar, diced sweet
pepper, drizzles of red wine vinegar, a few pinches of Celtic sea
salt, freshly cracked black pepper, and a spoon of mayo.  I stirred it
all together well to marry the flavors and then finished with a
sprinkling of chopped cilantro.  It was SO good and I ate every last

Sometimes food has to be quick and grabbed on the run, but as
often as you can feed yourself and your loved ones beautiful food that
not only nourishes the body, but warms and feeds the soul.

Food made with love and joy are unseen ingredients that help each of us to
flourish.   One thing that I have learned from cancer is to be
grateful for each bit of health and vitality.  It is such a blessing!
I’ve come a long way in the last six years and am not finished yet!

Grab life and make the MOST of it as you are here for a purpose and
your life is valuable.  Don’t waste it!

~By Andrea Stagg


Peace-Makers, or Peace Fakers?


I love peace. Rather, I adore peace and I hate conflict so much I’d love to just run when it happens. You know the fight or flight thing? Well, I’m definitely in the flight category.

But sometimes you can’t run and that unpeaceful thing stands tall in your life no matter what you do. For those mamas who hate conflict, this can be debilitating. And, guess what, we can join those who cry “Peace, Peace” when there is no peace.

Jesus asks us to be peace makers; He never approved peace fakers. 


I’m going to just say it—even a peace maker at heart needs to learn not to fake peace. Jesus didn’t put the burden of creating peace in every situation on our shoulders, but He did say we are blessed when we can do so. This means there are times when we can’t, and times when we can.

“If it be possible, as much as lies within you, be at peace with all men.”

Peace makers dissolve fights willingly when they’re able to do so righteously; peace fakers pretend nothing is wrong when another needs to see a drastic, harmful sin.

Peace makers are humble enough to say “I’m sorry” first; peace fakers say “I’m sorry” just to cover up the problem and move on with the problem still staring her in the face.


Peace makers take the low road of acknowledging personal sin; peace fakers take all the blame, all the time, and pretend another has no sin even when they do.

Peace making leads to life; peace faking leads to an artificial, superficial existence where your soul is stripped of more and more of its joy.

Blessed are the peace makers who create peace when possible, but never shoulder the impossible.


Mothers, teach your kids, by example, to walk in truth, because only the truth brings ultimate freedom!

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God. (Mathew 5:9)


Love Defies Being Quantified

“Love defies measurement in words, in flowers or cards, and love defies being quantified by a holiday, or a good day, or a bad day.


Love is immeasurable and incomparable and incalculable. Because God is love and He is infinite and cannot be compared or measured or boxed — then how could we ever compare, measure or box up love?


Trying to measure love is like trying to determine inches of the universe and comparing one love to another is like pitting stars against each other instead of letting each simply blaze through the dark.”  ~Ann Voskamp

Perfect Mom, or Perfect Love?

I so badly want to be the perfect mom, but I’m far from it. Yesterday proved it—and it also proved another thing—I don’t have to be perfect in order for the kids to know they are perfectly loved.

They fought during school, and I had to keep giving consequences like “For your disrespect, I want you to go clean two bathrooms.”

Later, after checking his work and noticing he did a swift, unsatisfactory wipe-down, “I want you to scrub these bathrooms well, and for not doing a good job, I want you to clean the third bathroom.”

Another child called a friend in the middle of a chore I asked her to do (which was also a consequence, by the way), and when it was time to go I called (and called and called and called). 

Definitely one of those days where I wondered where the training had disappeared to.

Three of the kids had dental work lined up, and I accidentally double booked one child for sealants and orthodontist work, in two separate offices miles apart. Cancel one, keep the other, drop her off in one office while I head to the next one with the other kids, hopefully on time.

The youngest boy has two cavities (which makes me feel horrible, of course). Why didn’t I floss those back teeth? But who can floss a child’s molars??

He’s happy, grinning from ear to ear as the assistant puts head phones on his ears for a movie and tells him he’s the boss today. Twenty-first century work vibes, for sure.

He doesn’t get all the movies he wants at home, and is never told he’s the boss. I soon discovered why they gave him all the props, as they put laughing gas tubes on his nose and covered his mouth in green plastic while the work began.

He cried out in pain periodically, and I winced, prayed, held his hands, and even plugged my ears. I’m that mom. Not brave at all when the kids are in pain and I can’t stop it.


By now the oldest child is waiting at her orthodontist’s office, ready to come home. The second child gets called in for sealants, and when he’s through we head for sister, who sighs and lets me know how long she’s been waiting. I head to the desk to book a consultation for the third child whose teeth are also needing attention.

I promise brave youngest child a milk shake, and also get one for oldest child whose mouth is throbbing from tightened braces. Good mom, or bad mom? Sugar, or no sugar? For now, I choose to block cavity concerns and create sweet memories instead.


The day goes on, and I spend time with the girls after dinner. We’re knee-deep in our favorite show, and Daddy comes home to join us. It’s a cozy time and we’re all laughing, relaxing together after a very full day.

I’m leaning against him on the couch when it hits me. The second child is at youth group, and I FORGOT TO PICK HIM UP.


Moms, have you ever done that? You know that feeling?

I’m panicking, running for my purse and the door at lightening speed. I bolt out the driveway and resist the urge to honk loudly at the very slow car ahead of me. In my distress, I miss the closest exit and have to move slowly through town, willing that gigantic truck ahead of me to move off the road.

The thought of my boy wondering where his mom is has me in near tears. 


Sure enough, he’s standing outside waiting while the youth leader waits in his car. I scroll down the window and apologize profusely, giving lame explanations like “I was spending time with my daughters, and my husband came home……..”

He smiles and makes light of it. Good man. I know that he knows just how badly a mama feels in such a moment.

Ack. Just Ack.

My boy is gracious and accepts my apology. “Will you buy me a milk shake to make up for it?”

Of course I will! Do you want a burger, too?”


He could ask me for about anything right now, and he knows it. I order a large chocolate shake piled high with whipped cream and hand it over. Never mind it’s bed time and kids shouldn’t have sugar before bed.

We nestle down on the couch and I wrap him up. He’s loved, and he knows it.

The dog poops on the carpet in the middle of the night, and again in the morning. I wake to piles of brown all over the living room and my office floor. We got the dog for this child when he was very small because we found him huddled under the trampoline praying for a dog.

Who wouldn’t buy a dog at that moment, even if large dogs were on the top of her dislike list?


The child who got left behind is still squeezing favors from last night’s mistake. I know I’ll keep hearing this, “Because you didn’t come on time last night, can you—–?”

He’s half joking, of course.

I’m grateful that with all of life, we can make big mistakes but still be covered by an even bigger God. That love wins and we get to accept the fact that we will fail, and those we love will fail, and God wraps all of us up in His Love that never fails.

Sister, you don’t have to be perfect. Allow Perfect Love to cover your weakness and wash your soul in grace. Allow your kids (and your man) to see you fail and get back up again. Allow yourself to breathe when you mess up.

Because God never does, and your kids will see Him cover you, and cover them, and His love to permeate all of your lives, together.

When you mess up big, love even bigger!


How to Line Up Release with Reality

I’m lying in bed this morning, and my brain is running.

You know, that thing we do when the day behind us hasn’t resolved all its problems, and we still feel an impasse ahead? As in, an impossible one?

I’m telling my heart this morning that God is big, and He can do what I can’t do. Truth be told, I’ve always known that, and now I’m forced to live as if I know it.


I’m not sure why I think that stewing about something would ever solve anything.

All it does it tense my shoulders, carve lines into my forehead, and bring a down-spirit into the atmosphere.

I’m slowly learning to let go.

The impossible is made possible by a God who delights in the impasse because He gets to show his strength.

Ever hand a jar with a stubborn lid to a guy with muscle? See that twinkle in his eye as he twists it with ease and your jaw drops?

You tried your hardest to open it, and finally, in frustration, you handed it over. See that phrase, handed it over?


Release doesn’t mean turning a blind eye. How can you release a problem whose existence you are in denial of?

Release means you face your giant head on and realize its ability to destroy your peace. You are fully aware of its ugliness—so aware, in fact, that you know it’s too big for you to handle.

Because you own it, you also get to release it. You hand it over because your shoulders weren’t meant to carry it, and if you do, you’ll end up stooped long before your years.

Release doesn’t mean turning a blind eye. Rather, you can only release when you open your eyes to acknowledge your situation and see the need for supernatural help.


We get confused on this one. Just as we mistake trust for forgiveness, we mistake release for reality. Christ would have us walk in truth.

In owning reality, we get to experience the rest of release.

Sister-soul, today—own your problem fully. Then, because it’s too big for you to handle, release it fully into the hand of God who delights in the impossible.

Find your peace, your joy, your grace, today. Christ gifts you with all of these while He works on what concerns you. Your work is over, except that which springs of faith, and rest.


Relax in His hands—you are well-cared for because your deepest care is given from above rather than from around you. Nothing can stop the inflow of heaven into your soul.

When Moms Fear Failure

Oh, mamas. How many of us are afraid that if we don’t do everything well enough, things (or people) will fail and we will be at fault?

Anything that keeps us in a grip of fear over our own performance becomes an idol.

We fear our kids not loving the Lord, and the thought makes our hearts stop. We fear not being the “perfect” wife, and causing our marriages to struggle or fail.




What about knowing that because of Christ, we are safe even if we or our loved ones were to mess up? We strive so hard we make life hard.

We deny needs because owning them shatters our fantasy bubble. We refuse reality because we base our identity on the goodness of ourselves rather than God’s goodness toward us.

Anytime we need something to prove our worth, we do not see our value.





Anytime we need something to prove our competence, we are not truly confident.

Anytime we get our sense of worth from things around us flowing well, we are not truly whole. We can not gain true identity from ourselves or others (even our husbands or kids), but from Christ’s love and grace for all of us.

Living this way will enable us to give love and grace to others as well. We can only give what we first receive.




We will never be at rest if we think our rest is contingent on something or someone else—even if  God does want us to have that good thing.

We need to let go of our fear, our works, our idols—and worship the God Who loves us even if we were to fail drastically. Only then will our life be graced with true peace and the resulting good fruit.

Today, we get to cease striving so hard for the good thing we want, and sink into Goodness Himself. Life will become a flow of peace, a grace given, a rest earned by Christ.

When our families are no longer our greatest life, we are able to extend True Life to our families.

“It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows; for so He gives His beloved sleep.” Psalm 127:2

Allow the Lord to give you, His beloved, sleep!




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