How Your Man Loves You

She waltzed into the room with a delighted grin on her little face, and handed him the blanket.
Our son had just turned six years old. The youngest of four, he had asked for a small party, so when the few gifts were opened, he turned to me and asked, “Where are my other gifts?”
“You only wanted a few people here, son, so all your gifts have been opened,” I explained. Embarrassed, I continued, “What else were you hoping for?”
“A blankie,”he replied.
And so it occurred to little miss blond-head that she had her very own blanket in the car and could gift it to her friend. She ran back inside, arms loaded with an ancient, stained blanket and a broken truck, handing it to David with the air of I just solved all your problems.
David stared. “This blanket is dirty!” he declared loudly. “And this truck is broken.”
“That’s why I gave it to you!” Mari announced loudly.
The adults sat in helpless gales of laughter while I harbored secret embarrassment and distress. Was I the parent of the last child, or what? My son defied everything I had tried to teach him, that parties are not all about gifts, and that gratefulness trumps the accumulation of material things.
There’s nothing like being a parent to humble your entire spirit many times over. And late that night, David was still muttering under his breath over how rude his little friend Mari was to give him broken gifts.
He never once understood or appreciated her simplistic desire to satisfy his wishes for a blanket, and her willingness to give him her own. All he could see was the broken truck, and his disappointment over it.
Now, may we ask ourselves, how many times do our men try to love on us while we turn a dissatisfied face the other way and continue in discontentment?


Rather than expect to be loved in a certain way, we need to receive the love they are already showing. Some wives may struggle for years with the lack of heart to heart sharing in their marriages, while others notice the extravagant love glowing from these quiet men’s eyes whenever they look at their wives, and long for the same.
They may not know how to communicate as well as some people, but ladies, they adore their women
If your man adores you, if he tries his best to love on you, by all means allow yourself to notice and appreciate it. Not every woman has a man who cares for her. We may gripe about our lack in certain areas while entirely missing out on the fervent love being extended our way.
Men often give love in ways women have difficulty receiving. Perhaps your man doesn’t talk much or take you on dates or remember each event. But does he love you, truly? If the answer is yes, you can learn to so appreciate his love, that the lack of what you desire takes lesser precedence in your heart than the love you feel.
You may be wistful for certain areas of expressed love, but you can learn to be grateful and blessed in other areas of love shown your way. Of course, don’t hesitate to let him know how to love you better—good men want to know—but never allow ungratefulness to render you bitter and unlovable.
A faithful, committed man is the best gift God could give you. Receive him in love, give him regard and favor for his love to you, regardless of how it’s shown. Appreciate him, and show it lavishly.
Thank him by your own warmth and love given back into his heart. Never, ever pull away from a man who loves you because you have unfulfilled desires. Rather, receive his love fully and allow the knowledge of it to fill your heart. From that platform, express your other needs to him in love.
Don’t be like David, who focused on the broken truck more than the gift of a life long, personal blanket!

Author: Sara Daigle

Author, speaker, and mother of four beautiful kids. Passionate about wholeness, healing, purpose, and identity for all women regardless of culture, background, or circumstance.

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