I love starting my day early, alone, with a cup of coffee and my Bible. Here, I find soul satisfaction with Jesus–because our hearts were created to want more than they know in themselves. But life is full and I’m grateful that when time alone is not possible, He is always with me. 

Getting to tap in with God on a moment’s notice is the greatest gift a heart could know. 

I was born and raised in an Amish home and am now married to my husband of fifteen years, and home school mama to four beautiful kids. I simply love being a mom and wife. My favorite people give me grey hair and tears, but more life and laughter than I could live without. They keep my old soul young. 

Our home is a crazy mix of night owls and early morning risers, of shifting schedules and weekends on duty, of Holidays at work or at home, whatever the agency chooses. I’m learning to let go of my love for planning and jump on board with the wind. 

Sometimes, we find love where we least expect it–right in the center of the crazy, where we get to give a kiss, smile a bit, or hold a hand. Because those moments are available daily, and love cannot afford to wait until date nights out or time alone with a child. 

For all of us, life is a mix of the crazy and beautiful. We choose where to live, whether it be the beautiful or the ugly. May we find the moments to kiss, smile, and love hard in this whirlwind of life that will soon be over!